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Precautions for use of cemented carbide tools
Published time:2020-05-21

1. Carbide tools shall be stored in a dry environment away from corrosive atmosphere.

2. Most cemented carbides are mainly composed of tungsten and cobalt, with high density. During transportation and storage, heavy materials shall be handled with care.

3. During the cutting process of cemented carbide tools, chips and chips are inevitable. Please prepare necessary labor protection appliances before processing.

4. Cemented carbide is a hard and brittle material, which is brittle and damaged under excessive force or some specific local stress, and has a sharp edge.

5. Cemented carbide and steel have different coefficient of thermal expansion. In order to avoid stress concentration fracture, it should be carried out at proper temperature during welding.

6. If the coolant is used in the cutting process, please use the cutting fluid correctly in consideration of the service life of the machine tool and cutter.

7. The carbide tool will be passivated and its strength will be reduced due to long-term use. Please do not let non professional personnel grind it.

8. Please stop using the tool with cracks during processing.

9. Please properly store the worn alloy cutter and the fragments of alloy cutter to avoid hurting others



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