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New development of coating technology and cemented
Published time:2019-07-16

The hardness of hardened steel is usually up to HRC45 ~ 68, depending on the requirements. In order to cut the workpiece smoothly, the hardness of cutting tool usually needs to reach 3 ~ 5 times of the hardness of the workpiece being cut. Coating hardness vickers hardness (HV), commonly used in mitsubishi company's products, for example, the TIN coating endmill hardness for HV1900, adopts MSTAR (AL, TI) N coatings is a vertical milling cutter for HV2800 hardness, adopt (AL, TI, SI) N coating of the hardness of end milling cutter is HV3200 VC type, the recent development of nanoscale (AL, TI) N coating IMPACTMIRACLE VF endmill, further improve the hardness, achieve HV3700, close to the hardness value of PCBN, so to speak.

Its oxidation temperature and coating binding force is further increased, the friction coefficient is decreasing. Compared with HV, HRC value alone, HRC68 is about HV940, although the increase of hardness value is not linear, but it can be seen that (AL, TI) N coated MSTAR endmill can cut hardened steel, and the higher hardness and oxidation start temperature of IMPACTMIRACLE coated VF series endmill can obtain better processing effect.

ImpactMiracle coated VF series endmill cutting example:

(1) use vf-2sbr1 ball head end milling cutter to process high-speed steel SKH51 (M2) mold (hardness HRC65), cutting parameters: 20,000 RPM, feed speed 6000mm/min, 0.15mm/ tooth, back cutting amount 0.07mm, side cutting amount 0.2mm, air cooling. After the cutting length of 30m, the cutting tool was still undamaged.

(2) with vf-md phi 6 Angle head endmill machining tool steel SKD11 (HRC60), cutting parameters: speed of 8000 RPM, feeding speed of 2160mm/min (0.045mm/ tooth), air cooling. The cutting tool was not damaged after the cutting length reached 100m.

(3) die casting die (DH315 material, hardness HRC52) is used for hot machining with vf-2sbr3 ball head end milling cutter. The cutting consumption is: rotation speed 16000 RPM, feeding speed 1600mm/min, feed per tooth 0.05mm/ tooth, back cutting amount (cutting depth) 2mm, side cutting amount 0.2mm, direct milling, air cooling. Despite the material's great toughness, the tool was not damaged until more than 120 meters had been cut.

(4) vf-2sbr1 ball end milling cutter is used to cut HRC68 high speed powder metallurgy steel molds, cutting consumption: speed of 8000 RPM, feed speed 1260mm/min, feed per tooth 0.08mm/ tooth, back feed 0.2mm, side feed 0.07mm, air cooling, milling. The cutting length can reach more than 50 meters, and the life of vertical milling cutter can be increased several times.

(5) with vf-2sbr10 ball head end milling cutter processing die steel SKD11 (HRC60), cutting consumption: speed 1200 RPM, feed speed 240mm/min, feed per tooth 0.1mm/ tooth, back cutting up to 8mm, side cutting up to 0.5mm, milling, air cooling. Under such large cutting depth condition, can still cut 30 meters, for the old product 3 times.

(6) long neck vf-2xlbr1 ×20 ball head end milling cutter is used to process the deep groove of the mold, the material is SKDII (HRC60), the cutting consumption is: the speed is 10000 RPM, the feeding speed is 1000mm/min, the feed rate per tooth is 0.05mm/ tooth, the air cooling, the smooth milling. Reciprocating cutting length up to 20 meters, compared with other similar products to increase the life of one time.

(7) the sides and undersides of hardened steel up to HRC60 are processed with vf-md right Angle head endmill at the same time. The surface quality is stable and the chip shape and color are normal. The cutting speed is 151m/min and the feed per tooth is 0.1mm/ tooth.

(8) use arc head vertical milling cutter vf-mdrb to process SKDII (60HRC) with cutting speed of 50m/min, feed per tooth of 0.05mm/ tooth, cutting depth of 0.5mm, cutting width of 8mm, milling and air cooling. After a cutting length of 8 m, the tool is almost harmless.



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